Thursday, August 25, 2016


As most of you probably know, all Portland Public Schools have shut off all drinking fountains due to high levels of lead found at most schools.  As a result, we will be using water dispensers all year.  This will make it vital that every child come to school with a water bottle that they can use throughout the day.  We will have cups in the office for children to use if they don't have a bottle.  If anyone has extra bottles that they'd like to donate to the classroom, that would be fantastic. In order to save resources and prevent long lines at the dispensers each morning,  please fill your child's water bottle each day before sending them to school.  I know it's a new habit to get into, which isn't always easy.  I will also try to get into the habit of sending each child home with their bottle every afternoon.  Thanks for your flexibility with this!

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